Business Immigration Matters:

For nearly 33 years, our firm has successfully pursued thousands of temporary and permanent visa petitions, including EB-1 Extraordinary Ability, Outstanding Researcher and Inter-company Managers. We also focus our practice on successful temporary, nonimmigrant visa petitions which include classification under:

• H-1B
• L-1
• O-1
• P-1
• TN

We guide employers in pursuing permanent residence applications through PERM Labor Certification, which requires three essential steps:

• The employer obtains the Prevailing Wage from the US Department of Labor
• The employer completes the mandatory recruitment efforts
• The employer files the PERM application with the US Department of Labor

Our firm counsels our clients and provides details for successfully completing each step in the process, and completes the next steps in filing the I-140 Immigrant Petition, as well as the application for Adjustment of Status to Lawful Permanent Residence.

At the Law Offices of Susan Fortino-Brown, we understand the unique employer/employee relationship in visa and permanent residence sponsorship, and we provide advice on all phases of the process. Our goal is to keep our clients well-informed and to manage the application process while achieving success for our clients. In light of the current administration’s attempts to restrict business immigration, we constantly work to adjust and fine-tune our filings to stay abreast of policy and practice changes, which enhances our success in representing our clients, and our clients’ success in operating their businesses.