Employment-Based Matters Including Alien Labor Certification under PERM, Extraordinary Ability & Outstanding Researcher Petitions As Well As All Non-Immigrant USA Petitions

Law Offices of Susan Fortino-Brown has successfully filed thousands of nonimmigrant visas over the many years in practice, with particular focus on:

  • H-1B
  • L-1
  • O-1
  • P-1
  • TN
  • E-3
  • E-1
  • E-2

We also achieve success through employer-sponsor Permanent Residence under PERM, Extraordinary Ability, Outstanding Researcher petitions and Religious Worker petitions.  

The Immigration and Nationality Act includes classifications for individuals seeking permanent residency based on an offer of employment. These five categories include a wide variety of professions, and permit not only employers, but also individuals, to directly apply for permanent residency.

Our firm focuses on extraordinary ability and professor petitions.  Pursuing these visas is increasingly complex, under the current administration.  We also concentrate on Perm Labor Certifications for skilled workers, extraordinary ability petitions & outstanding researcher petitions.

PERM Labor Certification Process

 The general requirements in the PERM process are as follows:

  • The employer must obtain a prevailing wage determination from the State Workforce Agency (SWA) prior to filing the PERM application.  The employer must offer at least the prevailing wage rate as determined by the SWA.
  • The employer must complete the mandatory recruitment regimen prior to filing the PERM application with DOL.  This includes recruitment steps such as placing two Sunday advertisements in a newspaper of general circulation and filing a 30 day job order with the SWA in the region of intended employment.
  • Applications are either certified, denied, or audited after passing through the initial review and screening by DOL.
  • After the employer responds to the audit letter, the case may be certified, denied, or the employer may be directed to complete additional recruitment supervised by DOL.

At the Law Offices of Susan Fortino-Brown we understand the unique employer/employee relationship in visa and permanent residence sponsorship, and we advise both on all phases involved in the process. Our goal is to keep our clients informed and to maintain client expectations while achieving success.

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