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The Law Offices of Susan Fortino-Brown is focused exclusively on the practice of immigration law. We advise immigrants and refugees on political asylum applicants when they fear persecution in their home country due to:

-Religious beliefs
-Political opinion
-Membership in a social group

Do You Have An Asylum Case?

If you fear persecution upon returning to your home country, you may be eligible for political asylum in the United States. In order to qualify for political asylum however, the harm you fear must be based on religion, race, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group. The persecution you fear must be either from a part of the government or an individual or group that the government cannot or will not protect you from.

In order to qualify for asylum, persecution must also be something more substantial, such as human rights violations, torture, unlawful or political detention, physical violence, or infliction of serious emotional distress. Sometimes, mere threats of harm can qualify as persecution if other individuals or groups similarly situated to you have experienced documented persecution.

How To Win An Asylum Case

Political asylum cases are often very difficult to win, especially without an experienced attorney. In a political asylum case you must convince a judge that you have been, or will be, harmed on the basis of religious, race, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a social group, if you return to your home country. The Law Offices of Susan Fortino-Brown has the experience with political asylum cases and knows what you need to prove your case.

Regardless of your current immigration status, even if you are in the United States unlawfully, you must file an application for political asylum within one year after you have arrived in the United States, unless you can show that there are changed circumstances that have affected your eligibility for asylum.

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Individuals and families who try to work through the political asylum application process on their own aren't always sure what information they should, or should not, provide or how to establish qualifying evidence, which can result in the case being denied or unnecessarily delayed. We can help ensure you supply the right information and follow the process to avoid delay and increase your success rate.

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